Enameling and Consulting Services:

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Custom Enameling We enamel steel, cast iron, and stainless steel parts that are raw, painted or have been previously porcelain coated. Only genuine porcelain enamel is used.
Prior to enameling, we prepare the parts by cleaning or sandblasting. We then spray or dip the parts with wet porcelain enamel, a scientifically formulated mixture of glass, clays, electrolytes, metal oxides, and water. Parts are then dried and fired in electric batch furnaces at over 1400
F. While the parts are firing, the glass melts and chemically and mechanically bonds to the metal. The result is a smooth, durable, beautiful finish that is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, fading and scratching.
Production Enameling

Our corporate customers have unique, challenging enamel requirements that are difficult to meet in large, automated facilities. Since we are a small shop, we have the flexibility to adjust our enamels and processes to meet your needs.

Whether you have one part or thousands, we can give you the quality and service you are seeking.

Sandblasting We offer sandblasting service for parts to be enameled, as well as non-enamel applications. Our pressurized cabinet system gives us the flexibility to quickly remove scale and coatings from large heavy pieces, and also blast small, delicate pieces with care.
Engineering Consulting Technical assistance can be as brief as a few off-site hours, or as extensive as on-site engineers working with your process. We can also run your prototype enameling experiments in our facility.

We provides short and long term consulting in:

  • Process Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Equipment Selection and Installation

Last Edited 06/12/01