Professional Associations
We are pleased to be members of the following technical and restoration associations: 

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The Porcelain Enamel Institute

Founded in 1930, PEI remains dedicated to advancing the common interests of porcelain enameling plants and suppliers of porcelain enameling materials and equipment.

  The Old Appliance Club

If you love vintage stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, toasters, mixers or for that matter, any classic household appliance, we would like to invite you to join The Old Appliance Club - the #1 clearinghouse in the world for all old appliance interests.


The Antique Stove Association

The Antique Stove Association exists to facilitate the networking of members and provide information about all aspects of antique stoves and related items - including their use, history, manufacture, repair, and value.


The Association of 
Restorers & Council of Certified Artists

It is the mission of the AOR, Association of Restorers Inc™, to increase the awareness of choice to conserve, refurbish or restore historical works of art, household furnishings and architectural constructions. Through education and networking the best method will be selected to enhance, stabilize and return a piece to its original beauty, use or condition."

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